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Friday, 17 November 2017

Recent Foundation Buys

So in one of my recent posts I talked about candles being my guilty pleasure. Well it seems I have more than one. Please don't judge, send help! I just have this thing with trying new foundations. It really is all about the base for me. I do buy foundation more than any other makeup item, but thankfully none of these were ridiculously over priced so I don't feel too bad about it.

Now I adore a cushion foundation. I fell in love with the L'Oreal Nude Magique one. However, I did pick up one shade too light so I'm not a massive lover of wearing it. I have recently bought The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops so I might be able to make it work. Saying that, it does leave a pretty nice finish, although admittedly I do still prefer the finish I get from the L'Oreal cushion.

Being a dry skinned gal, I'm not usually one for clarifying, mattifying products, but the lovely Claire in The Body Shop Middlesbrough said she found the finish to be almost velvet like, without feeling drying or cakey. For £10 I thought I'd give it a go, and I was so pleasantly surprised. It's a really, really nice foundation that lasts really well and does feel super soft on the skin. With added tea tree, it's nice to know there's properties in there that are actually gonna help my skin, rather than clog it up.

Before I talk about this absolute cult favourite, I wanna start by saying I picked this up for £22.50 in The CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) in York. What a place for bargains. I had to guess my shade and admittedly went slightly too dark, but it's workable and perfect if I can ever be bothered to tan - which is never. Again, with having dry skin, I always assumed I'd hate this, and I even tried a sample once a few years ago and thought "ergh, this is way too thick". I dunno if it's because I have a better skincare routine now, but my gawwwd this stuff is the dream. Ideal for a night out or even if you have a long day and you don't want your makeup to budge at all. It's full coverage, but not in a hey I wanna completely change and hide all parts of my skin kinda way. It just gives a flawless finish whilst still looking healthy.

FIVE. POUNDS. NINETY. FIVE. What is this sorcery? I had my eye on these two foundations for the longest time. The beauty world went crazy for them but they were sold out online for what feels like forever. I finally got my hands on them in The Ordinary Store in Covent Garden on a recent trip to LDN. This one has not let me down. I honestly can't believe the price. OK, so it's not as full coverage or long wearing as ELDW, but seriously, it's a very. very decent everyday foundation. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, this brand are the by far the best beauty brand I've discovered this year.

This one's even cheaper. Unbelievably pricing. It really makes you wonder how the rest of the companies out there have the cheek to charge so much. So this one didn't quite live up to my expectations compared to the coverage version. Don't get me wrong, I love the formula of this as it feels really moisturising. The initial finish is beautiful, it leaves a healthy glow and blends really well, however, the lasting power isn't so great. I definitely notice mid way through the day when I'm wearing this. I'm sure if I took a bit more care with a setting spray or some powder I'd get a bit longer out of it, but when you're trying to get a toddler and 5 year old out of the house by 8.30am it's a bit of a struggle.

What's on your foundation menu recently?

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