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Monday, 6 June 2016

DIY Copper Home Accessories

A picture of DIY Copper Home Accessories Before & After
I'm on a bit of a copper rampage at the minute. Since getting our new kitchen and garage conversion, I've been adding bits of copper into our very grey/white colour scheme and I'm loving the results. I had a few silver accessories (Ikea Plant Pot, Kitchen Towel Holder & Fruit Bowl) that just didn't go and I thought instead of throwing them out I'd give spray painting a go. I also sprayed a large mirror we had in our hallway and I don't even have anywhere for it to go now. Safe to say I'm addicted! I used this spray paint from Amazon...

A picture of Rustoleum Copper Spray Paint 400ml
Rustoleum Metallic Brilliant Bright Copper Spray Paint | £9.49 | link

A picture of a DIY Copper Ikea Plant Pot
A picture of my DIY Copper Fruit Bowl

 I think it's given all 3 pieces a brand new lease of life and I think they look SO much better! The spray paint was super easy to use and really fast drying. I can't wait to have a go at some more items!

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  1. Great idea!!



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