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Sunday, 13 March 2016

DIY Ikea Vanity & Makeup Storage

One of my favourite posts to read (& vids to watch on YouTube) are makeup storage related. I just love having a nosey into how other people store their makeup. A few months ago we got a new bed (Ikea Brimnes King with storage headboard) and had a bit of a switch round, which meant I now had space for a dressing table in the corner, something I'd wanted for ages. Before this, I had my makeup stuffed into my other drawers and makeup bags and used to sit on the floor in front of a big mirror to get ready. Not good on the owld knees let me tell ya! Anyway, I'd been eyeing up the Ikea Alex 5 Drawers for a while, (cliché I know) and decided I wanted to incorporate them into a vanity. I'd seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest (example) which included having 2 sets of drawers either side with a large table top on top. I couldn't do that with the space I had, so I took to the Ikea website to see how I could do it.

Alex 5 Drawers | link
Linnmon Table Top | link
Adils Leg | link

The Ikea Alex drawers come with sticky round dots (technical term), specifically for table tops to stop them moving around, so all I needed were the drawers, a table top and 2 legs. 

The Linnmon Table Tops come in 4 different lengths, aswell as corner shapes etc, but I decided to go for the smallest (-100cm) one as the others were all too big, and to be fair it's the perfect size for a 
dressing table. I couldn't believe how cheap it was. I went for the cheapest, plainest legs at £2.25 each. I then picked up the Ingolf Stool (£20) to go with it and it fits underneath perfectly, I love it. The drawers seemed a bit tricky to put together, so I left that to Martin, and when he'd finished that I managed the rest (basically screwing two legs onto the tabletop, lol). 

TOTAL PRICE -  £80.40

What a bargain!!! Overall I'm so pleased with it, I feel so much more organised and have my makeup organised into different sections. I thought I'd show that aswell today, even though I'm not entirely happy with the compartments yet. Eventually I'd like to get some Muji storage or something similar, but for now I've tried to section things off with boxes. Yes it's messy but it'll get there eventually.

Makeup Storage

I'll start with what I keep on the top. On the left hand side I keep my Sali Hughes Pretty Honest book which, FYI I still haven't finished reading - must get onto that. On top of that I keep my No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror, which I love. Next to that I keep a large Ikea Skurar Plant Pot which houses my large face brushes. I need to grab another one of these actually as it's jam packed. I then keep a smaller Ikea Skurar Candle Holder with all of my eye brushes, a few smaller face brushes & eyelash curlers etc. I then keep an Acrylic Lipstick Holder which holds 24 lipsticks. I keep meaning to order another one of these aswell (just so I have an excuse to fill one with MAC lippies - ha). I like to keep them upside down so I can easily see the shame names. Incase you're interested, my absolute favourite lipsticks are MAC's Syrup & Peach Blossom. Both so beautiful.

I then have a little Candlelit Names Tealight Holder with my name on, which I use to hold all of my eyeliners and brow pencils. Then next to that I have a glass tealight holder (from either B&M or Home Bargains) which holds my mascaras - again another tight squeeze. It's good this way though, as it makes me 'try' not to buy any more until I use up some that I already have. I also keep my Lush Lip Scrubs on the top aswell, as it reminds me to use them.

I then keep this Wooden Storage Box with 3 sections and a little drawer in the bottom. This holds some of my most used palettes, including my trusty Naked 1 Palette (isn't it just the best ever?). Inside the drawer I keep a collection of The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks that I actually won in a Twitter competition. I really need to go through them at some point and see which ones I wanna keep. I then keep my lip liners, with my faves being the absolute bargainous £1 Essence Lip Liners. So I have every shade, so?

Now onto the drawers. Like I say, they're not how I want them to be organised, but they're as good as I could do it for now, without spending a fortune on fancy Muji storage.

Top Drawer - Foundations | Concealers | BB Creams | Spare Blending Sponges

2nd Drawer - Primers | Highlighters | Setting Spray | Powders | Blushers | Blush Palettes

3rd Drawer - Bronzers | Brow Palettes | Extra Eyeshadow Palettes | Single Eyeshadows/Sticks/Creams | Extra Mascaras | False Lashes | Spare Tools

4th Drawer - Lip Products

5th Drawer - Nail Polishes & Tools

Note: Nail Polish Acrylic Storage from POUNDLAND - need more, ha!

So there you go. sorry for the massively picture heavy post. Hope you all enjoyed it, and if you have any better drawer storage ideas then be sure to throw them my way! And if you have a similar post like this then please leave your link below!

Have a lovely Sunday...

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