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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Freddie's 6 Month Update

So it seems the last time I featured my Sons on my blog was back in February when I made Freddie's birth announcment and wrote my labour and delivery story. How awful of me! I hate to sound like such a cliché, but honestly, time has flown ridiculously fast and he's now 6 months old and has changed SO much from that little bundle we brought home in February! I wanted to do a little post just to update you all on his progress and show you all what an adorable little boy he's turning into! #soppypostalert

3 months

Character - Where do I start? Well I'll start by saying what a healthy, happy little baby he is. He's seriously such a joy to have and look after (which is a God send considering I currently also have a potty training George to contend with). He smiles pretty much all the time at anyone who gives him an ounce of attention. He just absolutely loves social interaction and is at his happiest when he's sat in a room full of people with all eyes on him. He loves children the most though; his eyes light up when George goes near him and I can tell all he wants to do is get down and dirty with George and his toys. George being a toddler on a mission doesn't really bother with him, but it's so cute to watch how much Freddie already adores his big brother! I'd say he's been smiling since about 6 weeks and had his first proper giggle (which I missed), at 3.5 months. He's so funny now, he's really found his voice and does this adorable high pitched squeal when we're out in public. Much to the amusement of everyone around.

3 months

Physical - It's safe to say he is dying to get on the move. He can sit unsupported for a minute or so, but if he's supported he'll happily sit and play with whatever he can get his hands on. It's so cute to watch him reach out for his little toys and gum them to within an inch of their lives. He's been rolling over for a couple of months and there's absolutely no stopping him now. He won't lay on his back for more than 10 seconds before he's over onto his front nosing around. He will get sick after a while and gets quite frustrated that he hasn't worked out how to roll back yet. He doesnt get onto all fours in the crawling position yet, but he'll use objects to push/pull himself into the direction he wants to be, so I reckon it won't be long until he figures out how to get on the move.

4 months

Sleeping - I really don't wanna be one of those 'rubbing it in your face' type of Mums who go on about how their baby has slept through the night since birth, but I just wanna be honest with his update. He's always been a good sleeper through the night and probably started sleeping through at about 8 weeks (absolute heaven not having to get up to do night feeds at 3am). He usually sleeps all night from around 7-7.30 but I do have to get up once or twice to him just to put his dummy back in. In terms of naps, he's such a light sleeper so every day is different depending on what we're doing. If we're at home all day, he'll have a morning nap at 10ish for around an hour or so in his cot, and then again at around 2pm for an hour or so. If we're out and about during the day he will only have the odd 10 minute nap, so by teatime he's usually past himself and has a cheeky little nap before his bath which does throw his routine out a bit but hey, if he wants to sleep I'm not gonna stop him! lol

6 months

Eating - So since he was a few days old, he's been bottle fed (on Aptamil) as we had some troubles with breastfeeding and tongue tie etc which I won't go into. He currently has 4 x 8oz bottles a day and now that he's 6 months he's able to eat solid foods. This is probably the biggest step in his development so far. Before he turned 6 months, I'd tried him on some baby rice and porridge etc which he loved, but I really wanted to try baby led weaning this time around. (BLW is when you skip pureed foods and simply give baby whatever you're eating but in finger food form - minus salt and sugar etc). This week I've given him toast, banana, carrots, brocolli and sweet potato - all of which he absolutely loved. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck still though, as I'm so scared he'll choke, but I've got lots of friends who've gone down this weaning route and have reassured me that gagging is all part of the learning process and is completely different to choking. I'm sure I'll relax as time goes on and I'm so excited to start his solid food journey.

So that's it. I'd love to hear your baby stories, especially if you also went down the BLW route and have any helpful advice or tips. 

Here's to the next 6 months...

George Aged 2 years 8 months
Freddie aged 3 months
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  1. What a little cutie! His smile is infectious! I also LOVE that your boys are called Freddie & George

    Jess xo


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