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Monday, 24 August 2015

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Stay Put Primer

When it comes to applying makeup, I'd say eyeshadow is probably what I'm worst at. I never seem to get a smokey eye perfect, and it always seems to crease on me. I've learnt recently that an eyeshadow primer is an absolute must-have if you want your eyeshadow to stay in place and not crease. 

My brother bought me the Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer as a gift last Christmas (without any prompting from me might I add), and since then I've realised I just can't apply eyeshadow without it.  Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is different to other primers I've tried, as it can actually be used to prime underneath the eyes for concealer as well as on the eye lids. As with all Benefit products, it has quirky marketing which I love. It is so-named because it aims to make eyeshadow 'stay put' and keep concealer from 'straying'. The primer comes in 2 shades; Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. I got the shade Light/Medium, which goes well with my skintone. I love how this looks on my eyelids as it's got that hint of coverage in the shade that helps to even out the skin tone and gets rid of any veins or redness. It's really creamy, which means it blends in with ease and doesn't cake or crumble. 

In terms of staying power, I can honestly say for a fact that this makes my eyeshadow last DOUBLE the length of time than it would without it. It also makes whatever eyeshadow I'm wearing look all the more vibrant and pigmented, and who doesn't want that? I haven't really been using it for under eyes, as I don't think I really need it under there, but I'd imagine it would work great for those who suffer with under-eye circles as it will help even out the skintone before you even apply the concealer.

Stay Don't Stray retails at £20.50, but is currently on QVC for £17 and you get a free mini Porefessional Primer, too. Bonus!

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  1. That definitely sounds like a great product! I found most Benefit products to be complete let downs but I have to admit I'd love to give this primer a go after reading your post x


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