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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

2 Affordable Naked 1 Palette Dupes ft. Makeup Revolution & MUA

The original Naked palette is arguably one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes out there. It's range of warm toned neutrals (2 mattes and 10 satins/shimmers) make it a fabulous allrounder and a great starter palette for any eyeshadow newbie. The only downfall about this palette is it's price. At £38 it's really not at the affordable end of the eyeshadow range. I got mine as a gift as there's no way on earth I'd be paying full price for this willy nilly. Anyway, there's 2 pretty much exact dupes on the highstreet/drugstore now at an absolute bargain £4 each. They come from the amazing budget brands Makeup Revolution and MUA, both of which you can find in most Superdrug stores and online.

At £4, this is honestly a fantastic palette. To be honest, if you haven't checked out Makeup Revolution as a brand, then you really need to. Yes it's cheap, but the quality is incredible and they do some great dupes for more luxe brands. As you can see in the pictures above, the shades are pretty much exactly the same as the Naked palette. Not only that, the formulas are amazing quality too. They are just the tiniest bit less pigmented than the Naked palette, but they're just as buttery and blend just as nicely. Bravo Makeup Rev, bravo!

I see what you did with the name there MUA. Like Makeup Revolution, MUA are another budget beauty brand situated within Superdrug stores. They do some amazing £1 lipsticks and a highlighter that's really popular amongst bloggers. Their version of the Naked palette is also £4 and contains the same shades again. I have to say, the quality of this one is nowhere near as good as the Makeup Revolution offering for the same price. The pigmentation isn't nearly as good (as you can see above), and the formulas are much less creamy. I think if I hadn't tried the Makeup Revolution one then I'd say this was a great dupe, but I'm afraid it's really been shown up on the dupe front. 

What do you think of these dupes?

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