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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bedtime Beauty Essentials

Ahhh bedtime! My absolute favourite time of day. Sounds dull doesn't it? I've always been a lover of my bed and my sleep, and even more so now I have 2 babies. I've got a list of products that I keep by my bed that I couldn't do without. Firstly, I know it's not a beauty item, but the most important thing I keep by my bed is definitely a glass of water. I wake up through the night most nights needing a little drink so if I don't have fresh water by my side each night I'm lost. My night time skincare routine is usually done a few hours before bed when I've had my bath, and lately I've been loving using the No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost, a hydrating serum which mildly exfoliates the skin, working overnight to renew the skin and leave it looking healthier and more radiant. After this I usually just go in with my good old faithful Nivea Cream. It's so thick and heavy and I know a lot of people don't like it for that reason, but for my dry skin it's an absolute dream. Once I get to bed, I have my little ritual. I like to apply an overnight mask a few times a week, and at the moment I'm using the Nuxe Creme Fraiche Mask. It's so hydrating and fresh and make my skin feel super soft in the morning. I then like to go in with my all time favourite lip balm; Nuxe Reve De Miel. Hands down the best lip balm I've ever tried, and it's perfect for overnight as I can still feel it on my lips when I wake up the next morning. Lastly, I like to go in with a hand cream, and my current choice is Soap & Glory's Hand Dream Super Cream. Super moisturising with Soap & Glory's classic scent. Yummy!

What are your bedtime beauty essentials?
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  1. I still haven't tried Nuxe Reve De Miel despite everyone loving it x

  2. Ahhh Nivea cream! I thought I was the only one who uses this at night time. Its so cheap and does the job perfectly xx

    Fi | www.fislittleblog.com

  3. Emily / Hannah1 June 2015 at 00:02

    I really want to get into more of a routine and reading this has been helpful. The No7 serum sounds like something I would want to try x

    han // em&han xo


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