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Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Bath Mama Luxury Bath Creamer Gift Set

Ahh, bathtime. My favourite time of the day (even if I do usually share my bath with a toddler, lol). The Bath Mama is a relatively new company that I've recently been introduced to. They stock a wide range of bath/relaxation products including bath bombs, creamers, fizzes, soaps, candles and more. I was recently contacted by them and asked if I'd like to try one of their luxury gift sets, and as a massive lover of cute bath products I certainly wasn't gonna say no.

The Luxury Bath Creamer Gift Set* (currently on sale for £10.99) contains 6 luxury bath creamers in assorted designs. They come packaged in a cute pink box and are all individually wrapped to prevent them from breaking. How adorable? I absolutely love the designs and the effort that has gone in to creating each one. To use, you simply remove them from the little paper cups that they're housed in, and drop into your bath. As they fizz and melt, they release a blend of moisturising ingredients to soften the skin and make your bath all luxurious and creamy. I've popped one of these into my bath for the last few nights and think they're really cute and a lovely addition my bath. They don't create bubbles, so I like to add bubble bath aswell, but they make my skin super soft and they make the bath smell wonderful. I reckon any girl would love to receive this little set as a gift.

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* = Press Sample


  1. Gorgeous! What a fab blog page :D x

  2. These are so cute. Little cupcake designs are adorable. I'll make sure to add these to my wish list of things to buy.


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