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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

At Home Ombré with Jerome Russell Bblonde

Ombré, the biggest hair craze since the curly perm - lollllz. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have probably heard me go on about the fact I change my hair more than the weather. I've had a pretty boring hair colour throughout my whole pregnancy (plain old light brown), and I've been desperate to lighten it but I didn't wanna use bleach or any strong chemicals on my hair whilst I was pregnant. Fast forward 5 weeks after having Freddie and just I couldn't bare my boring locks any longer. I've been obsessing over the idea of going blonde and chopping my hair off for months (see my hairspiration post) but I haven't plucked up the courage to do so yet, so when the lovely people at Jerome Russell Bblonde asked if I'd like to try one of their Maximum Ombré Kits, I thought why not? What did I have to lose? If I liked it I might keep my hair longer, & if I didn't like it then it would be getting chopped off anyway. 

I decided to go for the Maximum Ombré Kit No.2* (for blonde to medium brown hair) along with their Champagne Blonde Toner*, to remove any brassy yellow tones that might come through when bleached. I've tried at home ombré kits before (the L'Oreal ones), but I wasn't a huge fan as I found it really hard to get a gradual effect with the stupid little plastic combs they give. So, onto the Ombré Kit itself...

Mixing Tray
High Lift Powder Bleach
Medium Lift Cream Peroxide
Blending Lotion
Conditioning Shampoo

Step 1: Mix the Cream Peroxide & Powder Bleach into the mixing tray into a paste

Step 2: Part dry hair down the centre of the head & apply blending lotion from where you want the ombré to start, down to the tips of the hair. I started mine from my ear lobes.

Step 3: Starting at the back of the hair, apply the bleach using the brush from the tips up to where the blending lotion stops. Don't apply above the blending lotion.

Step 4: Making sure all hair is covered, leave to develop for between 20 and 45 minutes.

I left mine for around 40 minutes and this is how it looked when I washed it off using the conditioning shampoo... (this is straight after roughly blow drying)

Overall I'm really pleased with the results and I'm V V V shocked at how well it's blended compared to my other ombré attempts in the past. Blending lotion is clearly the key here as I've never used that before and it seems to have worked wonders at removing the dreaded straight line. This is how it turned out without the Bblonde toner and it really wasn't brassy like I thought it was gonna be so I'm gonna keep hold of the toner for a few weeks until I feel like my blonde needs brightening up a bit.

Have you tried any at home ombré kits?
 photo Kate 1.jpg
* = Press Sample


  1. It looks lovely!!

    I have tried the l'oreal one before and it was a nightmare, I had blonde stands in odd places in my hair.
    I think my hair is to dark to use one of these kits for it to look nice, and I'm scared of it turning orange or a horrible colour because my hair is such a dark brown. But you should be really happy with the results you achieved.


  2. This looks lovely. Although I am happy with my red hair, I would love to give ombre a go x


  3. You did such an amazing job at this, it turned out really well. I had ombre about a year ago in mine but I have to say I've been tempted to do it again even though my hair is shorter this time x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Aw thanks Alina. I was really surprised at how well it turned out. You should give it a go :) xx

  5. Thankyou hun. This kit is deffo worth a try if you ever fancy a change :) xx

  6. I was the same with the L'Oreal one, random blobs of blonde - not a good look haha. xx

  7. Your hair looks lovely! It's perfect for the summer season!

    Emma x


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