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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hydration Sensations / Leave On Masks

I have a bit of a love affair with face masks. I find they're the ultimate pamper partner and a pamper night just isn't a pamper night without one. Leave on face masks are the ultimate dry skin saviours, and for me, they're the best kind of mask because there's no mess, no waiting around for it to go hard and no harshness on the skin. I have 3 of these kinds of masks in my stash at the moment that I'm trying to rotate once or twice a week on top of my usual skincare routine (usually at bedtime so that it can get to work overnight).

The Nuxe Créme Fraiche 24hr Moisturising Mask (£18.50/50ml) is the newest addition to my stash, after receiving it in the Latest in Beauty Glamour Spring Beauty Edit Box (reviewed here). It's very light in consistency and feels almost as light as a day cream. It's certainly lighter than other masks and night creams that I've tried. Having said that, it still does the job, without leaving the skin feeling greasy or heavy after use. As with most of these 'leave on' masks, they encourage you to apply as a moisturiser, but then after 10 minutes tissue off any excess. As my skin is so dry and dehydrated, I never seem to have any excess to tissue off after the 10 minutes so I don't bother with that step. My skin must just gobble it all straight up. I love how fresh this leaves my skin feeling and it's definitely more supple and soft the next morning.

Superdrug's Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask is an absolute steal at just £2.99. It feels different to the Nuxe mask, but is the same in terms of how you're supposed to apply it. The consistency of this one is much sloppier (for want of a better word), almost like a gel, and leaves the skin feeling a lot wetter when first applied. It takes a bit longer to sink in than the Nuxe, but once it does it leaves the skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It smells kind of cocoa-vanilla-y (new scent right there), which is just good enough to eat. For £2.99 it's a must-have for anyone with dry skin on a budget.

Origins is a brand I'm always lusting over but can never justify the price when there's so many good drugstore skincare brands out there. I got the Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£12/50ml) in the Mask Marvels gift set last Christmas. It's actually cheaper per 50ml than the Nuxe Mask so can't really complain about the price can I? It's the thickest of the 3 masks and feels much more like a rich night cream. I absolutely love this mask as the smell is just incredible - so fresh and fruity. It sinks in to the skin leaving behind no grease or grime and the next morning my face is literally glowing. I think it just to say tips it in being my favourite but all 3 are up there in terms of hydrating properties.

What's your favourite leave on mask?
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  1. These all sound lovely! I've heard so much about the Nuxe mask recently, and I'm very tempted to try it out, I love their products. Might have to wait until my student loan comes in though! xx


  2. Maybe try the Vitamin E one first! Your skin might love it! xx


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