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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Benefit High Brow

I'm back again with another Benefit review, gotta love a bit of Bene! This time I'm talking about their High Brow pencil in the shade Linen Pink. A Christmas present that I've been loving all month! 

Benefit High Brow Brow Highlighting Pencil Review

Benefit High Brow Brow Highlighting Pencil Review1

Benefit High Brow Brow Highlighting Pencil Review2

Benefit High Brow Brow Highlighting Pencil Review3

Benefit High Brow Review Photos
Sorry about the state of my brows, trying to grow them and they're in need of  tidy up!

Benefit High Brow 'brow lifting pencil' comes in 2 different shades, Linen Pink (a soft matte pink) and Glow (a glowing champagne shade). I have the shade Linen Pink, which is the more universal of the two. The aim of this product is to give instant lift and shape to the eyebrows by illuminating the area directly underneath (& above if you want real precision) the brows to make the brows themselves really stand out.

The product itself is a thick, super smooth and creamy crayon, which glides onto the delicate eyebrow area with absolutely no dragging or pulling. It's creaminess means it is a dream to blend and so easy for brow noobs like myself. To use, Benefit advise you to simply draw a line directly underneath the brows following their shape and blend out. I find the best way is to gently blend with my finger or a fluffy eye brush. I really love the consistency of this product. Looking at it you would think it would have a slight chalky texture but I can assure you it is quite the opposite, super creamy and soft. I find this crayon makes a huge difference to the finish of my brows and I'm so glad I've been introduced to it. The pictures above don't do it justice as my brows aren't in the best condition but aaaanyway. As you can see by the photos, the difference is ever so subtle, which is what you want when you're creating an 'illuminated lift'. Another great point to make is because of how pigmented it is, I've hardly used any at all, I haven't had to sharpen it yet and I've been using it all month. 

Benefit High Brow retails at £15.50 and is a fantastic addition to any makeup bag.

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