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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Little Newborn Haul

Just over 4 weeks to go guyyys! With this being my 2nd baby and not finding out the sex for either of them, I didn't really need to buy anything new this time around, as all of the newborn things I had for George are neutral and immaculate (they grow too fast). Having said that, it's pretty much impossible to not buy at least a few new things. I (well to be fair my Mam paid for most of these - thanks Maaa) picked up a few things that I thought that I did 'need' aswell as a few other adorable bits that I couldn't leave behind.

First up is Swaddling Wraps as I really wanted some of these this time around. I didn't use them last time and I really wish I had looking back. I've read so much about how effective they are in keeping baby settled for longer as they don't wake themselves up with their startle reflex. George was quite an unsettled newborn so I'm hoping these help this time around. I got the GroSwaddle Jungle Friends Wrap in the sale section in Boots for a mere £6.25. Then we were browsing Mamas and Papas and came across their Swaddle Wrap & Swaddle Shell both with 10% off so we grabbed them.

Ok so the next thing technically isn't for a newborn as I picked up the 6-18 month size, but I included it anyway as I got it at the same time as everything else. Baby sleeping bags are so handy and George slept in them every night until he was about 1. They are so much safer than duvets, and this one was reduced from £36 down to just £10.50 - bargain! I got the bigger size as I have a few smaller ones already and the baby will be hopefully sleeping swaddled for the first few months anyway. Whilst we were in Mama's and Papa's we also came across the most adorable, geeky looking chime toy and we couldn't leave him behind (Ma insisted, lol). He was £12 but with a massive 70% off so he came home with us.

The next thing was just too cute to leave behind. George at Asda do a few newborn starter sets, and I thought this would be perfect to take in the hospital bag as the first little outfit. It comes with a sleepsuit, a t-shirt, leggings, a vest, a bib, scratch mits and a hat. Loving the neutral colours and the little button pattern too!

To complete my little haul, I picked up some new cotbed sheets for when baby moves into the cot, aswell as the most adorable cosy fleece blanket from TK Maxx. It will be perfect for the pram and carseat when we're out and about.

So there you go, sorry if my going on about newborn/pregnancy stuff bores you. I just like to include lifestyle posts in my blog aswell, and as having a baby is pretty much the biggest lifestyle event, I couldn't leave it out, could I?

Much love,
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