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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Birthday Lush Haul

Birthday Lush Haul

As some of you may know, it was my Birthday at the end of August (yes I know it's now October, but it's taken me a while to get through them all and write the post as most nights I don't get chance to enjoy a child-free bath time so I've been giving myself a Saturday or Sunday to pop a bath bomb in and relax). I wanted to group them together into the one post and include mini reviews which is why I've left them until now. Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive a fair few bath products from Lush from the Hubby & Kids, and out of the 6 products I got, I had only tried 1 of them before (good work hubby), so I was excited to give them all a good testing! Here's what I got...

LUSH Dragon's Egg

Dragon’s Egg makes bathtime exciting as it fizzes and crackles and changes the colour of your water to a gorgeous citrusy gold. Its scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine, leaving you feeling great and ready for a good day. Its citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated.
One of the more citrussy of the Lush scents, and I have to admit I don't usually go for the citrus ones, but I did really like the freshness of this one, however, it did turn the bath water a very odd colour, lol.

LUSH Honey Bee

A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Honey is a wonder ingredient that soothes, retains moisture and is antiseptic, and we add plenty of cooling aloe vera, too. Rhassoul mud has natural cleansing properties, and also helps condition and soften the skin.
I absolutely loved this bath bomb. The smell was absolutely beautiful and I felt so relaxed both during and after this bath. My skin felt soft & smooth and smelt amazing.

Sakura Bath Bomb - £3.35 

LUSH Sakura

This is a celebration of spring in a bath bomb, bursting into a floral fragrance. Inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan, this pretty bomb is designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of spring brings. We've used calming mimosa and jasmine oils complemented by lemon oil and orange flower to bring to mind the smell of this colourful season.
How pretty is this!! Another winner for me! I loved the floral scents and the magical way it transformed my bath water. The scent really lingered until the next day with this one, which is fab!!

LUSH Tisty Tosty

Tisty Tosty is based on a medieval love potion - he loves me, he loves me not. Studded with seven real rosebuds, it is scented with a captivating combination of floral orris root powder, rose, and lemon. As this dissolves in the bath, you may fall in love with it as the scent of geranium, jasmine and rose create a spellbinding fragrance. Rose oil also gets to work soothing broken hearts - it’s used by aromatherapists to lift the spirits.
Now this is my least favourite from the bunch. Mainly because I'm really not a fan of rose scented products. I didn't hate it, but I just wasn't blown away by it, and I'd also rather not have rosebuds floating around my bath. Fished them straight out haha!!

LUSH Twilight

If sleep is evading you, this combination of essential oils will help get you ready for a good night's rest. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep: lavender is a soothing, mind-clearing and calming fragrance, used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep, while benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink.
Now we're talking!! This bad boy is everything I want in a bath bomb! It's pretty, turns the bath beautiful colours, has an amazing relaxing fragrance and is a lot bigger than some of the others. Definitely has to be my favourite of the haul!

LUSH Creamy Candy

If you’d normally reach for a sweet treat to lift your mood, this bubble bar does just the job. Its sweet candy floss smell raises your energy levels and perks you up. It also offers extra moisturisation than the average bubble bar as it has a blend of almond and cocoa butter. Creamy Candy contains almond oil and butter chunks that melt onto the surface of the water, giving skin a velvety texture.
This is the one I'd already tried numerous times before and I love it! I'm a massive fan of bubbles in my bath, and would much prefer to choose a bubble bar over a bath bomb (although a mixture of both is a winning combo, lol). I get 3 baths out of this bubble bar, which is great compared to just one bath from bath bombs which are more expensive. This is Lush's signature candy scent and it leaves my skin smelling and feeling great! One I will always turn to!

Now that I've finished this haul, I'm off to get myself some Halloween and Christmas goodies! Sparkly Pumpkin I'M COMING FOR YOU! 

What are your fave Lush bath products?

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