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Saturday, 20 September 2014

17 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey lovelies. So I've been umming and ahhing about whether or not I should start writing pregnancy/parenting related posts over on this here blog, as it's always been predominantly beauty related. However, I thought what the heck, this is my blog and I should write about what is going on in my life aswell, and this pregnancy (as well as looking after George) will be pretty much the focal point of my life for the next 5/6 months, so sharing it with you seems the right thing to do. Hopefully it's interesting and I don't lose any of my lovely followers in doing so! 

How I've Been Feeling
So as I'm sure you're aware by now, I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. I'll start with telling you how I've been feeling. Up until around 14 weeks, I felt very queasy and groggy pretty much every single day, something I never had last time. I was never actually sick, but I just felt awful all day every day which meant I didn't really feel like doing much at all. I don't know if it means I'll be having a girl this time, or if it's because this time around I have a toddler to look after and chase. The midwife did tell me I have low blood pressure, which is probably the main reason I've felt so tired. Anyway, now I'm 17 weeks I'm really starting to feel like I've got some of my energy back. My boobs are no longer sore and uncomfortable which is an absolute brucey bonus! The only problem I have now are headaches, which I did suffer with last time (y'know the ones that you go to bed early with and they follow you through the night? - yes THEM). I've just recently bought that '4head' stuff which I find helps when I feel like I have a niggle coming on. 

Cravings/food aversions?
I don't think so yet. The only food issue is that I feel full pretty much straight away when I start a meal, meaning hubby has to play the role of human dustbin, but than an hour or so later I'm foraging in the kitchen cupboards for snacks. Nightmare! lol.

Ohhhh I honestly feel like a whale already! Last time I didn't start showing properly until around 18 weeks, but this time I was literally trying to hide it from people at 8/9 weeks. They do say that you show a lot sooner in subsequent pregnancies - & they ain't wrong! None of my jeans fit me now, which means I'm living in leggings and big comfy tops. With autumn approaching, I think I'll be fine clothes-wise, as I can just pair a big cosy jumper with a pair of leggings and some nice comfy boots and I'll be sorted. I went to see the midwife last week for my 16week appointment and she said I'm measuring correctly so that's reassuring. I've started on the bio oil now, as I don't want those pesky stretch marks to make an appearance.

So according to baby centre, my baby is currently around 5inches long and weighs about 5ounces (the size of a turnip). Apparently the next couple of weeks are gonna be big for baby, as he/she is gonna double in size, ahhhh! One huuuge milestone this week is that I've most definitely felt some movement, which is so exciting. At the moment it feels like a tapping sensation down in my lower tummy. It's so cute. Hubby is really keen to feel the baby kick, but I think it will be a good few weeks until it can be felt from the outside. Exciting times.

Next Appointment
My 20 week scan - 17th October. I'm not finding out the sex though, as we like the surprise.

How are we all feeling? Any other fellow bloggers pregnant at the moment? xx

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