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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites #2

It's that time again! Time to post about my favourite fatty foods and TV programmes! Hah! Here's the non-beauty related things I've been loving lately...


The Great British Bake Off - Ohhhh I'm hooked! I never watched the last series but when I heard the hype I knew I had to get involved this time around! Absolutely love the show and actually look forward to it every week. My faves at the moment are Martha and Richard, but that could all change! I always need snacks when I watch it though, as a hunger-maker!


Butterkist Toffee Popcorn - I think my Hubby might just be a little bit sick of me going on about these now. HOW NICE are they though?! I have the excuse I'm pregnant, but it's not a craving I don't think, as I've always loved them haha. They're so moreish it's dangerous haha! 

Drumsticks Squashies - Definitely the best out of the 'Squashies' family! These badboys are unreal and everytime I go into Home Bargains I grab a couple of bags! It's an illness! lol

Techno Techno

Canon eos 600d - Ok, so technically I've only had this 4 days, as I got it for my Birthday on Wednesday, but I'm already obsessed. So much so that I was having mixed up dreams last night about different lenses! Freaky lol. I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to DSLR's, but I'm trying to practice in Manual Mode as much as I can. I went out to the park yesterday with Martin and George to have a little practice...

George found a big stick (probs covered in dog saliva lol). Probably not the best photo, but not bad for a first attempt? Tips and Tricks welcome!


Hannah Maggs

I'm subscribed to many YouTube channels, which I love watching when I've got a bit of free time, but there are a few YouTubers who upload regular weekly videos that I actually look forward to. Hannah Maggs is my absolute favourite! Hannah and her Husband Stefan do weekly vlogs every Sunday where they document their life in London with their ADORABLE 6 month old son Grayson. They are the cutest family ever, and I feel I can really relate to Hannah as she became a first time mum at 25 like I did, and she's really honest about the hard times which I find really refreshing. Hannah and Stefan's relationship is hilarious and Stefan works SO hard on editing the vlogs and making them so wonderful to watch. I even have my Mam involved and she texts me saying... "Hannah's new video is up". LOVE LOVE LOVE!

What/who have you been loving recently?

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