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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Wet Brush Earth Collection Eco Friendly Brush

The Wet Brush Earth Collection

The Wet BrushThe Wet Brush Earth Collection

The Wet Brush Earth Collection
The Wet Brush*. £11.99 on cultbeauty.com

I'm sure I've spoken before about my ridiculously knotty hair that I used to cry over as a child. After trying, and really liking the Tangle Tamer by Denman, I haven't really felt the need to try any of the other detangling brushes, until now. I'd heard lot's of great things about The Wet Brush and how amazing it was, so I was really excited to try it when I was offered the chance. Heck, if Kendall Jenner say's its a must-have, you know it's a must-have! It's the number one best selling detangling brush in the US and their brand new 'Earth Collection' brush* has just arrived in the UK. The cult brush has been developed with 100% recylcable packaging and a stylish bamboo handle which is in fact lightweight and waterproof, but that's not even the best part - The Wet Brush is donating proceeds from this brush to non-profit charity; Water - to provide safe drinking water to a school in Cambodia.

The Wet Brush might just look like a regular hairbrush, but it's revolutionary bristles set it apart from the rest. Lightweight and comfortable to hold, this brush is designed to glide through even the thickest hair. It's specifically designed to be used on wet hair, as that's when it's most vulnerable and prone to snapping and tangling. The bristles are designed so that they can be both firm and flexible as needed, as well as having gentle ball tips, which stimulate the hair follicle and promote healthy hair growth.

Well, I honestly don't know how on earth they've done it, but they really have created the most amazing hair brush EVER. It's unbelievably soft and detangles my freshly washed, wet hair in less than a minute, as well as working wonderfully on dry hair. I've already noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair that falls out when brushing, and my hair feels so much softer than it did before, even with other detangling brushes I've tried. This brush will be perfect for children as well, I just wish it existed when I was a little girl.

The Wet Brush (£11.99) is available from Cult Beauty, Sally's stores and Salons nationwide. I can't actually find a UK link for the Earth Collection Brush yet (apart from on Amazon, where it's £19.99), but I'm sure it will soon be readily available.

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