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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nails: No Nonsense Nudes

Nails: No Nonsense Nudes

Nails: No Nonsense Nudes

When it comes to nail polish, I gotta have them all. I love brights, I love pastels, and I absolutely adore nudes. They're so simple, yet give an effortlessly chic look to any outfit. Nudes are always the one to turn to when you want your nails to have that classic look. Think weddings, think interviews, heck, think anything you want. A nude nail will never let you down! I've picked 4 out of my stash to show you.

First up is Mavala's Nicosia, a pearl formula, which, as you can probably guess, has a pearlescent finish. Nicosia is a peachy-pink nude which transfers beautifully to the nail - perfect for a summer wedding (& currently 25% off in Debenhams here). Next is Barry M's Lychee, from the Hi Shine Gelly range. A classic beige nude, Lychee isn't too yellow, nor too pink and it was highly popular when it was first released.  I find it needs a good 3 coats to look opaque, but the end result is worth it. Next up is my absolute favourite of the bunch, partly because I adore these formulas and the shade is to die for, but to be honest the name is what wins it for me! Rimmel's Oh Mr Darcy! (I know, that name) from the Salon Pro range, is none other than the perfect nude! With lilac undertones, this beige gives that 'barely there' look, but with high shine and elegance. Swoooon! I hadn't noticed until I swatched how very similar Lychee and Oh! Mr Darcy are, with the latter being slightly more lilac in some lights. Lastly is the darkest of the bunch. Rimmel's Stuck in the Mud is from the 60 seconds range, another set of formulas that I'm really fond of. Annoyingly, I can't seem to find this on the Boots or Superdrug websites, and I actually picked this up in the pound shop of all places. Perhaps this has been discontinued or they don't actually stock it in the larger stores. Probs shouldn't have included it but oh well. Stuck in the Mud, as the name suggests, is more of a muddy browny-beige, something I suspect will look incredible with a tan! It looks a lot darker on the photo below than it does in real life. Slightly annoying but hey!

No Nonsense Nudes

What are you favourite nude polishes?

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