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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum Review

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum Review

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum Review
Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum*. £45

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not getting any younger (27 this year, boohoo). With age, comes those pesky fine lines. Obviously at my age I don't have any wrinkles per se, but I am beginning to notice some fine 'laughter lines' around my eyes, which I fear will only get worse if I don't start to really look after them now! When I was offered the chance to try this new serum from Beauty Lab I jumped at the chance.

Marketed as 'botox in a bottle', Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum* is designed to relax the skin and reduce facial expressions, resulting in softer fine lines and wrinkles (without the need for needles, woop).

Key Ingredients

  • Heptapeptide 8 - stimulates collagen and designed to interfere with a chemical reaction that guides muscle movement. (reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 50-60%).
  • Acai - an antioxidant
  • Collagen R1 - a protein with anti-ageing/firming properties.
  • Liposome Ace - maintains strength and tone of the skin.

The formula isn't like your typical serum, it's more of a light cream which absorbs seamlessly into the skin. I've been using this every night for around 3 weeks now and I can definitely see a difference, (also, I keep noticing it's been moved so I suspect the hubby has been sneaking it too, lol) . It's not a drastic difference, as like I said, I don't have deep wrinkles. I apply this after cleansing and toning, and when I massage it in around those fine line areas, I instantly notice that my skin feels a lot more relaxed. I was amazed the first time I used it and was practising my facial expressions in the mirror! This is definitely the first product of it's kind I have ever tried, as instant results are usually a thing of dreams! 

Beauty Lab Relax Neuropeptide Serum is available at Harvey Nichols for £45.


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