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Monday, 10 March 2014

Beauty Scrapbook: Turning Magazines into the Ultimate Beauty Bible

Beauty Magazine Scrapbook

Being a magazine lover, I always seem to have a stash of old magazines that just accumulate into a ridiculously huge pile, until one day I decide to just get shot of the lot.  The last time my magazines got to this sort of level, I decided I didn't want to just throw away all those wonderful pages of tips & tricks - that I wanted to tear out the pages I wanted to keep.  "But what can I do with them?", I thought.  I decided to make a beauty scrapbook, containing all of the best bits of the beauty mags - creating one massive 'Beauty Bible'.  I know it's the digital age, and people just use Google and Pinterest for things like this these days, but there's nothing more satisfying to me than an actual magazine to hold in my hands.  Even if I rarely refer back to it,  it will be lovely to look back on in years to come, and if nothing else, I've really been enjoying doing it.  I've never made a scrapbook before and I've really got the bug! I began making my way through pages and pages of my old magazines, tearing out anything that caught my eye. I wanted to separate my scrapbook into categories; Hair, Nails, Lips, Eyes etc. So I also tore out any pages with large lettering, so I could get a bit crafty (geeky) with organising and labelling my pages.

Beauty Magazine Scrapbook 1
A snippet of some of my favourite magazines!

Beauty Magazine Scrapbook 2
I wanted my scrapbook to contain helpful hints like this one!

I then needed somewhere to house these beautiful clippings (lol).  So off to WHSmith's I went, to pick up a pretty looking notebook/scrapbook.  I settled on this one...

Beauty Magazine Scrapbook 3

I then separated the scrapbook into 7 sections: Skin, Face, Eyes, Lips, Hair, Nails & Other (such as health/exercise tips).

Beauty Scrapbook / Lips  / raspberrycheeks

Beauty Scrapbook / Eyes / raspberrycheeks

Beauty Scrapbook / Skin / raspberrycheeks

VOILA! My very own custom-built beauty book! I have really enjoyed this little project and I'll hopefully keep adding to it each time I get a new magazine!

What do you do with your old magazines? Would you fancy making your own?


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