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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December Favourites 2013

What I've been loving in the month of December...

Barry M Nail Paints in Plum (Gelly formula) & Rose Quartz Glitter
Ohhhh yes!  These two beauties as a couple are a winning combination for me!  I was loving this look for the party season!  They are so vibrant and pretty. See my NYE Party Nails post for a picture of them on my nails.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 103 True Ivory
Same as last month.. I honestly think this foundation might be overtaking my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.  I dunno if it's better, the same, or the fact that I've been using this on my clearer, well hydrated skin thanks to the face oil (mentioned below)! It glides on with ease and leaves such a beautiful glow to the skin! Enough said!

Yankee Candle Limited Edition Santa's Candy Castle

We got this at the beginning of the month from my step son who had been on holiday to Florida (lucky thing), and brought it home as a gift - cute.  I've had a look online and I think it's only available in the US so it makes this even more special because it's so hard to get hold of!  Been burning this pretty much every day and it smells delish!! It reminds me of strawberry sweets and it smells good enough to eat! Mmmm!

Elizabeth Arden 8hour Cream (80's Collector's Edition packaging)
I've had this in the back of my drawer for a few years (I actually think this edition was released in 2009).  I got it as a gift from my cousin and never used it as I couldn't bare the smell.  But I've been reading lots of reviews recently about the wonders of this miracle cream, so I've been using it every night as a lip balm and it really does work wonders - once you get used to the smell! hah!  I'm hoping the fact its 5 years old won't affect it!

Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil Rollerball
This product has been my saviour this month and I'm gutted I've nearly finished it! I've been having some skin problems, especially around my nose for a couple of months, where makeup just wouldn't sit right, and I had horrible wide open pores and blemishes.  I thought the problem was that my T-zone was too oily and so I've been steering clear of face oils and rich moisturisers, but it was in fact the exact opposite. I put my problem on twitter and I got a few responses about the fact that my skin may actually be dehydrated (which actually makes sense as the rest of my skin can be pretty dry/tight at times).  A few of you mentioned trying a facial oil so I was delighted when I got one in The Glamour Beauty Edit to try.  I've been using this cute little rollerball every night after cleansing and before moisturising. My skin has honestly been transformed and I can only put it down to this.  I have now realised that my pesky skin actually needs more moisture, not less.  My poor skin, I feel like a bad mother that's been neglecting her young!

(isn't it just the best feeling ever when you find a skincare product that was made for your skin? - ahh)

What have you been loving in the month of December?


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