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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#TheWinterProject #1: Winter Nails

Hey beauts! Welcome to my first post for #TheWinterProject.  If you missed my introduction or don't know what I'm talking about, you can read my intro post here.  Week 1 concerns Winter Nails!!  For me, winter is all about ditching the brights and the pastels of summer time and digging out the deep burgundys, reds, dark greens and blues.  I actually did a post at the beginning of Autumn about my perfect nail collection for Autumn/Winter by Mavala. You can read that here.

I've been dabbling in Nail Art for well over a year now (since I was on maternity leave and needed to fill in my days before the baby was born) and I really enjoy it.  I love trawling the web for ideas and 'attempting' to try them out.  I must say I'm much better at doing them on a false nail wheel than on my actual nail, although I'm sure that's the same for everyone! Anyway, for this post I have attempted to recreate some Christmassy nail art designs that I have seen across the web* on a nail wheel.  Along with some of my favourite colours for this season.

  1. Mavala Nail Colour Pearl.  Candy Pink
  2. Mavala Nail Colour.  Sparkling Red
  3. Mavala Nail Colour Cream.  St-Germain
  4. Models Own Pro Limited Edition.  Matt Green
  5. No.7 Stay Perfect.  Totally Teal
  6. 17 Lasting Fix.  Royal Indigo
  7. Sinful Colours.  Nirvana
  8. Maybelline Forever Strong Pro.  Golden Brown
  9. Collection 2000 Hot Looks.  Show Off
  10. Angelica.  Spoilt Rotten
  11. Snowman
  12. Santa Suit
  13. Santa Hat
  14. Snowflakes on Red Nail
  15. Christmas Pudding
  16. Snowflakes on Blue Nail
  17. Silver Sparkles.  (17 Fast Finish.  Moonstruck  + Topshop NAILS. Ice Crush)
  18. Christmas Jumper Tips
  19. Mavala Nail Color Cream. London.  With white polka dots.
  20. Mavala Nail Colour Cream. Bordeaux

I've also included 2 photos of some nail art I created last year and had instagrammed.  I think they are lovely for the Party Season;

Glitter Pink with a Ring Finger Bow. Cute!

These aren't perfect but not bad for my first attempt.
Hope you've enjoyed my first post on #TheWinterProject.  One thing I have learnt from writing this post is that I have a limited amount of 'winter' colours.  I have my Mavala Collection and not many other dark colours from different brands.  Most of my nail polishes are summery colours.  I need to change this right away! ha!

Hope you've enjoyed my first post.  I look forward to reading everyone else's posts and getting some ideas on all of the new polishes I need would like to buy. ;-)

*I am in no way trying to pass these designs off as my own.  Just having a dabble! ha.

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