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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Review || Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

Hellooo.  It's product review time!!  I've been hearing a lot about the Nivea Express Hydration Primer's for some time now and was debating whether or not to grab one.. until I seen it in Savers for a mere £2.99 (when it's £4.99 in boots).  I just had to grab it (as did my Mam, ha).  It comes in Normal/Combo (blue lid) and also Dry/Sensitive (pink lid), but they only had the Dry/Sensitive one so thats the one I picked up.  I think any other time of year I would have gone for Normal/Combo (had it been in stock), just because my skin really is your typical combination.. but my skin is also quite sensitive and the winter months mean it tends to get a little drier so this one is probably better for this time of year.  I can't do without a primer in my routine now and definitely notice a difference if I'm not using one. I was a little sceptical about whether or not it would work, as I always find 2 in 1 products a bit of a let down.  Although I like the idea for this as it skips a step in the morning routine!  Here's what Nivea says:

"A light gel cream which absorbs instantly so you can apply make-up right away. Moisturises your skin with Effective Hydrators & Vitamins for long-lasting hydration and provides an even and smooth base for effective make-up application.  Helps make-up to stay in place".

One thing I will point out is that the box is massive compared to the actual size of the pot.  I was a little disappointed in that, as I really don't see why they have to put the pot on a little cardboard podium inside the box (other than to fool us into thinking we are buying a bigger product).  They really don't need to do that as it's a BARGAIN price as it is!  Naughty Nivea!

The product itself is a very light gel-like consistency, which glides onto the skin with ease and absorbs really quickly.  It leaves behind no greasy residue like some moisturisers can, just simply the bare canvas ready for makeup to be applied.  I used it on a night out and it actually worked quite well.  I think it coped as well as other primers I have tried in the past and for £2.99 I think it was an absolute steal!  I'm sure you will get more hydration if you use a richer moisturiser and a more expensive primer, but for those looking for a quick and easy way to do both then this is perfect!  I'll definitely be looking in Savers for some more of these bad boys!  Maybe try and get my hands on the Normal one for Summertime!  Overall I'm glad I tried this.

Have you tried either of the Nivea Primers?  What do you think?


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