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Friday, 22 November 2013

Review || GOSH Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit

Heyyy everyone.  So I thought I'd do another little review today on a product I stumbled across last week.  I was in Superdrug and I was actually looking for the Sleek Brow Kit but they are always always sold out in my shade, tut tut.  Dunno what's going on with Sleek lately, 2 of my local stores don't even stock it anymore, and the one that does is always sold of out lots of things.  So I was browsing the other brands when I found this cheeky monkey!! To me, it looks very similar to the Sleek kit, but better, as it is suitable for all eyebrow colours (as opposed to Sleek's where you have to find the right shade for you) plus it's the same price (£8.49) so I thought why not?  Here's what GOSH say about this kit...
"It contains three shades of brown powder eyebrow GOSH Brow Powder (light, medium and dark brown) with wax eyebrows fixes (can also be used separately), applicator brush and built-in mirror. This set is suitable for complete beginners in the trial, as well as a pro. Package contains instructions, step by step that explains how to use products". 
So here's what it looks like...

GOSH Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit - £8.49 - Superdrug

I love the fact it comes with little instructions. Cuute!
As you can see, the kit has 3 shades and a wax cream, which I LOVE as it means you can even mix 2 shades if you are in the middle.  I use the medium shade and it's perfect for me.  I use the angled brush end which I really love as it seems to fit my eyebrows perfectly.  I don't really use the applicator so find that a bit pointless for me. I apply the medium shade and shape/fill in my eyebrows as I want them, and then I apply some of the wax cream with the same brush to set them in place.  Here's how I do them for everyday...

Before - After (it looks a lot darker on the photo. Strange)
If I was going on a night out I would probably make them a little bit thicker/stronger to stand out, but for everyday I find they just give my face a little bit more definition.  It's amazing what a more prominent brow can do for the face!

So there you have it.  I have been using this since I bought it at the weekend and I've been loving it so far.  I recommend this product for everyone.  Give it a go and see how you get on!

Have you used the GOSH Eyebrow Kit?
If not, how do you do your brows?


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