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Sunday, 27 October 2013

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist for Fine Hair

For a long time I've been struggling to find a hair oil that didn't weigh down and grease up my ridiculous hair!  I have a lot of hair, but it's so fine and goes greasy after 2 days and struggles to cope with products without being weighed down.  I've been blonde for a long time and have now gone a light brown and have ombr├ęd ends, which means my hair is really damaged and needs a bit of TLC.  I was pondering for a while about whether or not to try the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil, when all of a sudden appeared a new mist for fine hair!  Perfect. I knew I had to give it a go, so off I trotted to Boots, where it was in fact on Save 1/3 (and still is).

L'Oreal have brought out 2 new mists to their Extraordinary Oil line.  One for normal hair and one for fine hair.  I picked up the fine hair version.  Described as a 'dry oil mist', this oil claims to 'wrap the hair in a luxurious veil of shine and lightness'.  It promises to absorb quickly without leaving a leftover greasy residue (something I had found with other hair oils and serums I had tried).  

Using this product on wet/damp hair before blow drying, I hold the bottle a few inches away from the ends of my hair and spray through, then brush through the lengths and ends so it's evenly distributed.  I love the 'mist' aspect as it really does make it so lightweight and easy to apply.  It also smells divine (bonus).  Once blowdried, my hair feels so feather light, soft and shiny, something I'd never found before.  I honestly noticed a huge difference in my hair from first use and I never leave it out of my routine now.  Even if I let my hair dry naturally I use some just for piece of mind that my hair is getting some goodness, and my naturally wavy hair looks a lot neater than it used to look.  I also gave this a go on dry, straightened hair to see how my dry hair managed to absorb it.  At first it looked greasy and felt weighed down and I was a little disappointed - but then 10minutes later I looked to find it had soaked in and my hair felt lovely and soft again.  Perfect for taming those annoying flyaways!

I can't believe how well this product worked on my hair.  I can't rave about it enough and will definitely be using it for a long time to come.  If, like me, you have fine hair and struggle to find a good oil - this is the one for you!  For the thicker haired readers, I suggest trying the original Extraordinary Oil, which has a pump as opposed to a spray.

Well done L'Oreal - you have one very happy customer!

Have you tried any of the Extraordinary Oils? 


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