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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Productive Sunday || Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Hey beauts! Sooo I had some spare time this morning while the little one was napping and thought.. what better way to spend my hour of peace than to do one of the chores that I really hate? Obviously I would rather chill with a cuppa catching up on some tv but this had to be done!  I always find cleaning my makeup brushes such a hassle and I really can't be bothered (even though it's fairly easy).  I think I just hate that they have to lay there and take ages to dry, when I like them being neat and tidy in their homes (lol). I'm very naughty and tend to leave them longer than I should before giving them a good bath.  I bet I'm not the only one, am I?? Soo I thought I'd do a little post about how I clean my brushes.

Firstly, I take an old towel (usually the towel I keep aside for when I'm dying my hair), and some baby shampoo, as apparently it is more gentle for the delicate bristles (I always have this in the house given that I have a 1 year old).  I take the brushes that need washing and go to the bathroom and lay them all out on the towel in a geeky little order as shown below...

I then run the water until it is warm and take a small dollop of baby shampoo into my hand...

I then take the first brush and slightly wet it under the running tap and swirl it around my hand into the shampoo to work it into a small lather...

Once it is in a good lather and you can see the makeup coming away, I usually just hold the very tip of the brush under the running water and squeeze it until the water runs clear.  I then squeeze the excess water out, reshape the brush and lie it flat on the towel to dry...

I then go along the little row in order and do exactly the same until they are all sparkling clean and looking like this...

I actually forgot the Real Techniques brushes were supposed to be white at the tips haha.  I then just leave them like this all day and overnight (maybe turn them over before I go to bed).  Hopefully they should all be dry by the morning.  If not then I'll have to use my backup brushes to apply makeup tomorrow.

Hope this was an interesting and informative post, ha!
How do you clean your brushes?

Brushes were all lovely and fluffy and dry when I woke up on Monday morning so I was able to get them back into their rightful homes. Yayy..


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