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Friday, 6 September 2013

My perfect Autumn/Winter nail polishes!

Hiii all!  So today I've been stuck in the house all day with a bored 11month old due to the ridiculously dull weather - boooooo.  It's actually been pretty cold in the house for the first time in months so I got all snuggled up and it got me thinking about Autumn/Winter.  As much as I am all for Summer and DREAD this time of year approaching, I also enjoy the fact that it's soon time to dig out the wintery lippys and nail polishes!

I thought I'd share with you a beautiful mini nail polish set I received last Christmas from my Auntie.  It's a set of 5 mini 5ml nail polishes by Mavala.  I'm not sure of the actual name of the set as I binned the original box and can't seem to find it online, however they are all sold individually so it shouldn't be easy to find one if you like any of the shades I'm about to show.

L to R - London, Bordeaux, Candy Pink, Sparkling Red, St-Germain
Don't they just scream WINTER?  I absolute adore every one of these nail polishes.  Obviously Sparkling Red is meant to go over another colour to create the sparkly effect but I just wanted to show you it on it's own.  My favourites have got to be Bordeaux and St-Germain as I love deep colours on the nail and they look absolutely gorgeous on!

The formula is really nice and they are super easy to apply. The drying time is really quick aswell which is an absolute Brucey Bonus for me as I'm the most impatient person in the world when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry! Even when I usually do them on an evening and all I'm doing is watching the TV I'm still like"HURRY UP AND DRYYY". So these little monkeys surprised me!  The lasting time isn't quite so good though. I'd say 2 days max before they start to chip so a top coat is essential here if you want them to last at least 2 days.

Have you got any favourite A/W nail polishes?
Do you think it's time to start applying or have we got a couple more weeks of summery colours left?


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