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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wishlist August 2013

With it being my Birthday at the end of this month, I obviously have a bigger wishlist than usual, as some of these things I wouldn't necessarily just buy myself. (I chose the best month for my first wishlist post didn't I, haha).  These are things I've had my eye on for a while but have found other things to spend money on (mainly baby George's nappies etc... oh and baby clothes as I just can't resist a cute little outfit).

I'll start with beauty and fashion..

*Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - just because I've really wanted to try Bare Minerals as a brand for ages and love the idea of this kit!

*Black Vans - they go with pretty much anything!

*Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - I have to admit I've never really been massively into my eyeshadow and really could do with a masterclass in applying it. I will deal with this. So I thought this palette looks perfect for an eyeshadow beginner.

*MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush - I've read some awesome reviews on this brush so I've decided I need this in my life. I'm really obsessed with reading blogs on contouring and learning how to contour properly.  I've yet to do it correctly though.  YouTube here I come...  can anyone help in this?

*Mulberry 'Alexa Hangbag' - A girl can dream, right? 

*Benefit Dallas - Just think it looks a gorgeous colour and ideal for a spot of contouring with the MAC 138 brush... hehe!  I've actually got just enough Boots points for this so think I'll treat myself!

*Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Brushes - Just love the look of this set, and as it's limited edition, think I need it!

*Dior DiorSkin Nude BB Cream - This little beauty is absolutely all over blog world at the moment, and I don't think I've read a bad review yet!  Having said that, its £30, and I can't quite bring myself to pay that for a BB cream. But I'll still pop it on my wishlist anyway so I don't forget about it. ha!

Now below is just a few other little bits and bobs I would like to own...

*Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Bluray and Dvd Combi Pack - Yesss, I know, I'm going to be 26 at the end of this month.  But I will NEVER be too old for Disney.  I had about 35 Disney Classics on VHS (which are now stuffed in my Ma's loft), I have ever so many again on DVD and now I'm trying to get the ones I don't have on Bluray.  I have struggled to get my hands on Snow White as its always been either discontinued for a short while, or far too expensive.  However, at the moment it's on Amazon for £20, which is a bargain.  After all, it's the first ever Disney Classic and always sought after.  I neeeeed this.  I have put in a cheeky request for my Birthday off Hubby so hopefully it should be coming my way soon.  <3 

*Twilight Saga Complete Collection on Bluray - Who doesn't love a bit of Edward Cullen?  I love these films, and have some how refrained from owning any of them, as I have said all along I want to be able to buy the full collection when it finally comes out on Bluray.  So it's out... I still don't own it.  Hint hint again Hubby ;-) (not that he even reads this, haha)

*Yankee Candle Tarts - I LOVE Yankee Candles, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little tarts.  I prefer to use the tarts as opposed to the big jars, as they seem to be a lot strong and really last well.  We have 2 Yankee Candle burners in our house and always keep a nice stock of tarts, however we are running low.  Therefore they deserve a place on my wishlist.  I love the burners as they are so pretty and all you need to do is pop a little tealight inside and the tart on the top and it will burn until the tealight runs out.  (We have a local Yankee Candle shop in our village, so we never shop anywhere else for our tarts)
Also.. *TIP* when you want to change the tart, the old melted wax will still have some scent to it, so stick it in the back of your underwear drawer to keep it smelling nice and Yankee-ish!*  LUSH!!
One of our Yankee Candle Burners (just to show..)

*Acrylic Nail Varnish Holder from eBay - My ever growing nail varnish collection needs a nice shiny new home as opposed to being thrown into one big box!  Simples!

Whats on your August wishlist?  
Do you own any of the above items?
I'd love to hear your opinions!



  1. Fab wishlist, i basically want all of it! I need the naked pallette and those real techniques brushes! No age is ever too old for disney aha! xo


  2. Thats so true! I will love Disney forever! haha.

    Aww, cute blog :) x

  3. Hi there, thanks for your comment on my Cleavage vs Backless post.
    I’m now following you back :)
    Much love, Sarah x



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